Kevin Cozens wrote:
> Maverick Merritt wrote:
>> Does the GIMP support GEOTIFF files?  If not, are there any plans to do so?
> The answer to both questions is no. It is unlikely that the file format would 
> be supported in GIMP unless there is a publically available document which 
> describes the file format. If there is such a document, it just takes an 
> interested party to create a plug-in for the format.

Of course, such a document does exist at, and it
would be nice if the tiff plugin for GIMP simply kept the geotiff
tags in the file, but I guess it is one of the features of this style
of open source software development that you can have GIMP and GDAL
developed on the same model, but they can't interoperate.

scott s.

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