Jeffrey Brent McBeth wrote:
> It has been almost ten years since I worked with GEOTIFF files, but IIRC
> they are just TIFF files with a couple extra tags telling you where the
> image is geospatially located.  That should mean that GIMP can open a
> GEOTIFF fine, but there are no guarantees that it can keep the tags if you
> then save it.  Note, I haven't checked this in a long long time, but it did
> work then.

GIMP kills the GeoTiff tags.  In earlier versions it would produce a
huge stack of error message windows when loading, complaining about
unknown tags, but now in ver 2.2.15 it just gives 3 errors per
GeoTiff which is  manageable.  I load my GeoTiffs in GIS software
first to save the geo data before editing in GIMP, so I can then
reload it using the data and have my GIS restore the GeoTiff tags.

scott s.

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