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> >
> > The Sample Points tab was (I believe) added somewhere in the 2.3.x
> > journey to 2.4.
> > When added as a tab all options appear to grayed out.
> Sample points are created similar to guides except you hold down the CTRL
> key.
> You can create a sample point by placing the cursor in the measurement
> bar(?) and holding down CTRL while you drag to the point you want to sample.
A couple of questions:

1) if you create more than 4 sample points, how can you handle the other
than 1-4 points (5 and more)?

2) (OT) The align tool have two groups of buttons, the first and the second
with an offset. It really seems that the second group of buttons (if offset
is 0) do the same operations of the first group of buttons. If I'm not
totally wrong, this double set is redundant and should be reduced into only
one (with default offset of 0)



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