Hi all!

When using SF-FILENAME, if the file exist, the name of the file is shown
in the button, but if the file does not exist, ie. has to be created,
there is "(none)" in the button.

Can someone else reproduce?
Is there a way to show the name on the button even if the file does not

To test install and run the script below, if you click on "OK" without
selecting a file, the string "nonexistentfile" is shown as a message.

If you select a existent file via the file selector, the name of the
file is show on the button and when click on "OK" the full path is
shown. (the desired behaviour)

If you select a non existent file via file selector (say type the
desired name on "Location:" and press "Open"),  "(none)" is shown on the
button, confusing as one can imagine that the selection has failed, but
when click on "OK" the full path is shown as desired.

The test script:

(define ( script-fu-test-filename
  (gimp-message (string-append "Filename: " filename)))
( script-fu-register 
  "Test for SF-FILENAME" 
  SF-FILENAME "Filename" "nonexistentfile"

Gimp 2.4 RC1 linux Debian unstable


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