Quoting Stephen Moss <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Thanks David,
> I have to eat crow on this one... I plead fatigue ;-)
> Choosing the correct option does help a whole bunch:
> CHANNEL-OP-REPLACE (2) <---correct answer
> ...
> CHANNEL-OP-ADD (0) doesn't work very well if everything has been
> selected already!
> The problem file(s), xcf,  must have been saved with "selected all"
> already set from some previous operations.  Another script to debug.

Perhaps your difficulty stems from a problem with the  
'gimp_channel_combine_masks' PDB function. If executed with replace  
for the op then the result is actually the sum of the two channels. In  

(gimp-channel-combine-masks dest-channel source-channel  

has the same result as with CHANNEL-OP-ADD. Personally, I would expect  
the dest-channel to be replaced with the source channel, but perhaps I  
am missing something. Regardless, it is an easy work-around.

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