Kevin Cozens wrote:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> There is an amazing video describing an image resizing algorithm that
>> removes (or adds) pixels based upon their importance to the subjecto
>> of the photo. Can this be implemented in The Gimp?
> Of course it can be implemented in GIMP. It just takes someone with the time 
> and ability to write the code for a plug-in that implements the algorithm.
The approach of using energy (I wonder that really means entropy) 
approach to finding "boring" seams through the image is very clever. The 
first thing to find out is whether any of this has been patented yet. If 
it has, then there are probably other approaches to identifying 
interesting areas of the image - graph-cut algorithms or other 
feature-identification systems. It looks like the sort of thing Paul 
Harrison (author of the Resynthesizer plugin) would be able to knock up 
in a lunchtime or too :-)

Toby Haynes

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