Kevin wrote--- With regard to ImageMagick

>Make sure you downloaded one of the executable installer packages and not
>the source code of ImageMagick. I noticed that it might be a bit 
>as to which package to get since there are five different versions
>available on the download page located at

>The fifth version offered is only useful if you have a 64-bit computer. 
>If you don't have that, you need to use one of the first four links.

>If you are still having problems, it might help to know which installer
>package you are trying to use, which version of Windows you are using, 
>and some more details of what happens when you try to run the installer
>including the contents of any error messages you may be seeing.

>That is about all I can suggest for now. I don't use ImageMagick under
>Windows so I haven't tried installing any of the Windows installer

Thank you Kevin for your help.
I did finally get ImageMagick viewer to run but after it hijacked a fax 
that came in and only showed the first page of the fax,I decided to scrap 
it ! I am sure that it is a great program when you get to know how to use 
it !
I found two answers to my watermarking problem --
(a) Gimp-Tools-Text ---which I can use to put a name etc on the picture.
(b) I downloaded the Gimp watermark.scm plugin which also does the job.
Kind regards ,Richard

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