* c z <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [09-04-07 05:19]:
> I am trying to get GIMP to print but it won't work.

what version of gimp, what system, what printer?

Do you have the printer set-up and printing outside of gimp?

> the error message states that "lp : error no predefined printer" and
> then another stating "plug_in_handle_tile_req : error"

Don't know about the second, but the first indicates that you haven't
setup a printer "in gimp".  See the drop down list where the printer
is named.  Use the "setup printer" button on the print dialog.

> Is there any way I can print .orf (RAW) and .jpg images?

afaik, RAW files are not printable w/o conversion to jpg/png/tif/....

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