Hi all!

Start gimp, display the layers dialog and open two diferent files or
create and draw something on one of them.
In the toolbox go to file -> preferences -->Window management and
uncheck "Activate the focused image"  click on OK

Now click on a window image in the middle, layers dialog thumbnails
updates to that image.

Now click on the scrollbar or quick mask or the zoom botton or the units
botton of the other image, layers dialog does not update.

If instead you click on menubar, main image, helper rules, state... the
image is activated.

Is this the expected behaviour?
If yes, can someone explain what are the advantages?

I understand that when you have a window manager configured to "focus
follow mouse", maybe you don't want an image get activated by accident
just by passing the mouse over, but why the need to click on specific
parts of the window to activate the image?


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