An example of what I would like to be able to create in gimp:

--> the smooth horizontal curvy shape white/light green, with the 
separating green border that grows from left to right

Is this reasonably doable in GIMP?

Bob Meetin - wrote:
> Hi,
> See 2 sample images at: 
> To create base image #1 I dropped in the blue background color, then 
> used the 'Create and edit paths' tool to add points then create the 
> selection for the greenish  shape.  I did some elementary editing to 
> make the curvy section curvy.  Not perfect but ok.
> The next step is/was to add a border to the greenish area.  This is 
> where it all goes south.  I tried various border widths, also a little 
> blur effect, but still end up with jagged edges.  The question how do 
> you create a shape like this with smooth curves, not the jagged stuff?
> When I used the 'elliptical region tool' to create a circle it looks 
> pretty good. 

Bob Meetin
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