On Thu, 13 Sep 2007 15:38:56 +0200 "Lars Ruoff"
> Hi,
> How can i save a selection (just the shape, not the content) to a file, so
> that i can use it in another image?

Save the selection to a channel (Select->Save to Channel).  Save the
image as an XCF file (which will save the channel information).  When
you need the selection again, open that file, go to the Channels dialog,
choose that channel and click on "Channel to Selection" at the bottom
right of the dialog (next to last button on the right in GIMP 2.2).  Or
you can drag that channel from the original image (from the Channels
dialog) into the image you need it.  When you do that, it gets created
as a new layer in the new image with visibility set to whatever the
channel visibility was set to in the original image.  You can then use
normal selection tools to convert that into a selection in the new

It's also recommended that you name the channel before saving the image
to an XCF file.  Just makes it easier to identify the shape when you use
it later.
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