>Hi -
>Sorry, but i have a really newbie question.
>I run a GIMP 2.2.8 on a Mandriva 2006 box. And i just aquired a old 
>scanner, able to scan 24x36 negatives - of wich i have several 
>When i scan a negative, it of course comes out, well, negative. 
>I can invert the pic with Layer/Colour/invert, but due to the colour 
mask in 
>the negative, the result has a severe blue taint, and strongly 
>Can i somehow give the image a 'preset' filter or colour mask, to 
>counterbalance the orange filter? Or is there any other 'fix' to 
>Any help to a quivering n00b will be deeply appreciated...

Convert it in the scanner program - way best
>Have fun -
>Kim 'The_Pirate'

mvh Mogens Jæger
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