> > I didn't install MS-Windows Engine for GTK+
> > 'cause it crashed with fonts too much.
> This shouldn't affect the fonts for the text tool, actually.
> And it doesn't do for me. I was able to use fonts in both GIMP with and 
> without the MS-Windows GTK+ engine.
if gimpwimp is not a problem to you, it's good.
but I and many people who use windows Korean edition encountered problems.

and in fact libwimp.dll is not related with fonts, but it may be related with
windows theme. and if I install gimpwimp and run gimp. and when I save my
image to korean file name, gimp is terminated. it's now always, but almost..
however, I install GTK+ without gimpwimp or remove libwimp.dll, there's no
matter, no problem.
it is the reason why I said gimpwimp makes some troubles.

and I can add or remove many fonts on gimp 2.2.17 without gimpwimp
but in gimp 2.4 rc2, I can't add without gimpwimp. and I install gimpwimp
to add some fonts, then gimp crash. -_-

actually I don't know why. but It happens. and gimpwimp may be the
factor. and I don't want to just complain about gimpwimp. I just wonder
whether it's a bug of gimp 2.4 rc2 or GTK+, or gimpwimp

> Unfortunately many fonts you can find on the web are broken. A crash with the 
> theme engine might indicate that you do use at least one borken fonts for the 
> windows user interface.
sorry, my fonts are all fine. I can use them on gimp 2.2.17
and openoffice and some other application..

Choi, Ji-Hui
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