Quality settings (in the camera):
HQ 1/8, meaning 3648·2736 pixels, 8:1 compression (file size, approximately
2 MB).

Pictures opens perfectly and quickly with most applications, such as Mozilla
Firefox, Eye of Gnome 2.18.1, Opera 9.23 etc, but nit with GIMP
2.2.13. Trying to open with GIMP gives the following message:
Öppnande av "/home/guraknugen/Desktop/P10100007.JPG" misslyckades.
Insticksmodulen kunde inte öppna bild.

This means something like:
Opening "/home/guraknugen/Desktop/P10100007.JPG" failed. The plugin couldn't
open the image.

So, now when we finally bought a new camera, we can't use GIMP anymore?

Suggestions or solutions? We didn't try to change the image quality settings
yet, but we want it to work with ALL settings anyway, and if Eye of Gnome
can open it, there's probably nothing wrong with the files.

I wonder what plugin it is referring to, the message doesn't say anything
about it. I just hate those nonsense error messages. "General error"
contains just about the same information: Nothing.

So I guess I could install a newer plugin, but WHAT plugin?

OS: GNU/Linux Ubuntu 7.04
GIMP: 2.2.13

Same result on my wife's computer (also Ubuntu 7.04 and GIMP 2.2.13 but less
RAM: 512 MB).

Johnny Rosenberg
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