> Yes, I have got the same answer from another forum as well. I have libexif
> 0.6.13 installed. It's the version that is available in one of the
> repositories when Ubuntu 7.04 is just installed. I use the automatic
> update
> all the time, and so far there has not been an update for that file.
> So I downloaded libexif 0.6.16, since someone said that he fixed his
> problem
> (the same as mine) with that file after compiling and installing it
> manually.
> I am a newbie of compiling so I am not sure if I was doing everything I
> should, because efter installing it, the same problem persisted.
> I downloaded an archive which I unpacked in a folder in my home folder.
> Then
> I opened a terminal, went to that folder, which contained files like
> (where I could read about how to install), configure and a lot of other
> files.
> Then I followed the instructions:
> ./configure
> make
> make install
> There was a lot of "permission denied" in the last step, so I tried sudo
> make install which seemed to work.
> The problem is that it seems like I still have the old version. The images
> still can't be loaded, for the same reason as before. So right now I don't
> know what went wrong. Do I still have the old version? Do I have the new
> version, but need an even newer one? Do I have both versions so I need to
> make GIMP use the new one rather than the old one?
> As I said, I am a hopeless beginner so far...
> Johnny Rosenberg
> 2007/9/24, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> Hi,
>> most probably you are experiencing problems with the EXIF data in your
>> images. Please make sure that you are using the latest released versions
>> of libexif and GIMP. There have been many bug fixes recently, in
>> particular for images from Olympus cameras.


I don't want to put you off, but at 'newbie' level, you might be in trouble.

Where did you install the libexif libraries? The default normally is
/usr/local so you will no doubt have a /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/libexif.pc

A short and meaningless answer is that "You should rebuild Gimp from
source and use the EXIF_LIBS flags to pick up the new libexif library, or
export your PKG_CONFIG variable to read /usr/local/lib first.

However, before you build from source, you will need to install a number
of development files, all of which are on the Ubuntu distro.

If you are persistent, you will win, but if there is a new Ubuntu coming
out next month, it might be quicker to see what goodies it holds.


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