On Wednesday 26 September 2007 10:17:50 jim feldman wrote:
> Even with it's bit depth shortcoming, I'd still take GIMP's
> mature tool set over anything OTHER than PS CS2/3 (at a
> mere $649US) 

Approximating the $USD-$AUD conversions (http://www.xe.com/ucc/),
that's AUD$743, about the cost of a complete system with dual
CPU, a couple of GB of RAM, a pair of RAIDed IDE or SATA drives
to the tune of about 300GB, a decent 19" flat screen, a graphics
tablet & a scanner. So you'd have to spend some time convincing
me that PS was worth the extra bananas. (-: Oh, & that spending
the AUD$750 extra on a better camera wouldn't be a more effective
investment :-)

Oh, yes, & PS requires Windows, so the cost doesn't include
AUD$231.70 for Vista (Business OEM, or I could shell out
AUD$2167 for 2003 Premium R2), or about AUD$130 for an
interfering virus scanner (or about AUD$500 for one that works).

Of course, I'd use OpenOffice for office software (save AUD$332
on MS-Office Small Business OEM), Firefox for a browser,
ThunderBird for email & so on, but the real cost is still
AUD$1105 plus risks.

I could go for a *pair* of decent 19" flatscreens & bump the
drive sizes up to 500GB. So tell me again why I'd jilt Wilbur
for PhotoShock rather than wait for GIMP 2.5 releases around
close of trade this year? (-:

Cheers; Leon
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