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> > ...[GIMP] does not have an interface that makes for an easy user
> > transition from the industry PS standard it is not a tool that is
> > ready for adoption by high quality image makers.
> I would disagree with this.  I use both PS and GIMP and thanks to PH I
> had no problems learning GIMP's UI.  Of course, your millage will vary.
>  In fact, there are more similarities than differences:
>    o Each has a palette of editing tools on one side of the screen
>    o Each has additional tool palettes on the other side (e.g., layers)
>    o And each has a main image window
> The UI differences, IMO, are minor:
>    o Distinct windows for palettes and image window
This is minor if you have a sane WM such as DWM, which just works;
otherwise you do need to negotiate window positioning (ie. most people
will need to).

>    o Options moved from top of window to below editing tools
DEFINITELY NOT A MINOR ISSUE. Placing the options at top of screen
makes it very easy to refer to them. This is definitely a desirable
change to make to GIMP.

>    o Image window enhanced with its own menu bar.
Yes, that is minor (especially as you can disable the menubar and
still have access to the menus.)

> Even most of the icons are similar to Photoshop.  Unless your brand new
> to Photoshop, I don't see the problem.
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