Most of this art work was done on Photoshop and my aim is to be able to do
it on the Gimp.  I'm already doing some of it on the Gimp but it is a
transition when you've been doing things one way for a long time.  Here are
my links to see the work.  I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to
do this completely in Gimp if I set my mind to it.  I don't collaborate with
any other artists so it doesn't matter what I use.
(my user name on youtube is carolirvin to see other work)
central page for my videos:
(tech educational stuff of mine is on top and art work follow it in bottom
of page in albums; chemo art one is newest so right on top of page);
this page ties into
(my husband and I used to team teach these tech courses and now he does the
teaching and I do everything else.  I use Google Page Maker to create that
web page and I actually like Google Page Maker (also free) better than any
hard drive program.  it is free too.  Google takes out the heavy work of
doing web pages and that's fine by me.  I used to do it all myself and got
tired of all the work, using ftp and so forth.
(art items for sale;affordable, tend to use for gifts and myself more than
expecting sales,although I do have some sales over there)

I tend to use aspects of my life in my art.  The chemo art has come to an
end since chemo-cancer seem to be over. My cancer scans are all clear.


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