ok, guys, i was wondering if i finally had this floating selection problem
solved because i am pretty much dead in the water without layers and cut and
paste.  so i opened gimp and just used the default black brush and made a
bunch of black squiggles on a white canvas.  then i altered that version
with a filter.  and, drum roll please, made them into two layers!  well,
from there on it was a lot of fun as I just tried different tools and
different settings until I had something that looked like a painting instead
of squiggles.  I have called the squiggles begin and where i ended up as end
as you can see them in this album called GIMP located here:


best way to see them is in slideshow.

some of the things i used: several filters (blinds and weave were the best),
shear, colorify, poster, levels, eraser, hue-saturation, layer modes (all
the time, as per usual; I am constantly blending and reblending layers ).  i
had never tried shear before in GIMP and that really helped bring it
together too.  i did try some things that didn't work and that always
happens as i'm playing around.  i either revert or go into history,
depending on how far off course i've gone.

i spent about 45 minutes to an hour on it.  it was fun.

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