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> I've posted this before, and in case you missed it, you really need
> to do a bit of digital "darkroom" 101.  Go to www.normankoren.com and
> read through his site. Really.  I'm not trying to be pedantic or 
> condescending, but when you finish going through his tutorial, you'll
> asking questions that will get you more targeted answers.  You might
> him a little paypal gelt when you're done because people charge $500
> one day seminars to present similar material.

Not condescending at all.  I appreciate the info.  I normally don't
shoot in RAW because, from what I've read, it seems difficult to work
with, but it also sounds interesting, too.  Also, I've read that not
all RAW apps are created equal, that you can get different results from
one to another.

In any event, from what you've told me, GIMP may not be the right tool
for me at this time.  I want to retain all my bits.  So until GIMP
natively supports 12-bits or higher, I'm gonna have to stick to
Photoshop for now.

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