<<Also Carol you can right mouse click on the floating layer and select "new
layer" which can be very useful.

Regards Pete

PS Welcome to the gimp>>

The Mac doesn't have right click.  Instead, you use with your left hand the
control key and with your
right the mouse bar on the macbook (or a left mouse button if you were using
an actual mouse).  I have
used this on the floating layer and no context menu comes up.  so i think
that one limitation I have on
the Gimp is that I have to use the menus.  So I can go into the layer menu
and make a new layer with that.

Initially I really missed right click.  However, I screwed up my thumb last
summer using right click on my
windows laptop without a mouse.  I had to do a twisting motion with my thumb
on the mousing device
on the laptop.  Anyway, I ended up having to go into physical therapy for
several months because of this,
with ultrasound and exercises plus anti-inflammatory rx.  By using the
Control (left hand) Click (right hand)
on the Mac, there is no way I can re-injure myself like that.

so, i do not bemoan loss of some features when I compare how much pain and
work I had to go through to get my right thumb back in service!

For those of you who are developers, putting the context menus on the mac
version with control click would be a very nice improvement, however.

thanks for the welcome!

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