On Tue, 2 Oct 2007 18:32:02 +0200 Frank Lanitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I've got a small problem with creating splash screens for grub with
> my GIMP. I need to create a file *.xpm.gz with this things:
>   Basic instructions:
>   * xpm file format
>   * 640x480
>   * 14 colors only
> and I have no idea, how to mange it. Any hints? ;)

XPM format:  Simple - just save the file with an extension of .xpm.  In
the Save As dialog make sure the Select File Type option says "(By
Extension)" next to it.
640x480:  When you start to create your image, create a canvas of that
size (File->New). Alternatively, scale your canvas to that size before
saving (though this will likely distort the image a bit, especially when
you only have 14 colors to work with).
14 colors:  After you create your 640x80 canvas, draw or paint your
image, then before you save it convert it to an Indexed Mode image
(Image->Mode->Indexed).  In the Indexed Color Conversion dialog that
opens, choose "Generate Optimum Palette" and set the maximum number of
colors to 14.  

Note that the conversion from RGB to Indexed format may distort your
image, especially if you try to use gradients or lots of anti-aliased
text over multicolor backgrounds. Try to keep the Grub image simple - a
solid colored background with text and maybe a simple cartoonish logo
(cartoonish in order to keep the color count down).

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