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> Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 11:35:36 -0700
> From: David Southwell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] Bit-depth Processing
> IMHO photoshop is NOT a tool designed for the "average user".

I would like to, respectfully, disagree. Photoshop IS meant for an
"average user". Just look at the whole plethora of point-and-click
tools it offers - it's all to ease your work and make it faster.
However, you loose the depth that an experienced Gimp user has when
all you know is PS simply because Gimp gives you lots of
options/parameters to play with. You can do the same stuff with Gimp
but with some extra steps and in the process of working with Gimp you
increase your understanding of Photoshop as well. I am just saying
that you really get to understand layer modes, color theory, masking,
channels if you really read the valuable Gimp tutorials. Mostly when I
go through PS tutorials, all I see is the usage of filters - which is
good in that it enables you to do your work faster. However, PS hides
much  under-the-hood stuff from the PS users and makes users habitual
to using the facilities it offers. Using Gimp, however, you get to
learn the concepts as they really are - instead of just using the nice
PS filters - simply because you simply have to do many steps yourself
to achieve your desired result. While I am not opposing the use of PS,
I think the fact is just the opposite as far as your above statement
is concerned. As for the number of extra steps in Gimp, you can always
write a script to speed up your work - and, FYI, PS started to offer
scripting facilities much _much_ later than Gimp. As far as
"non-destructive editing" facilities are concerned, you're probably
talking about Layer Effects and I think this was probably discussed on
this list before and is on the development Roadmap. Just search the

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