oops, this didn't get sent to the list.
Also, I think the problems I'm encountering are because:
A) YIQ tends to oversaturate too readily
B) the image ICC profile is AFAIK undefined, and is, anyway, disregarded.
C) L*a*b* colorspace is not being used. In my experience L*a*b*
represents saturation accurately, as well as intensity If this plugin
could use L*a*b* space (with GEGL's help?) for the application of
colorization effect, it would be more useful.

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From: David Gowers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Oct 6, 2007 4:39 PM
Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] Image resizing based upon image content

>  Konstantin Svist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said on Oct 04, 2007 15:54 -0400 (in
> part):
>  Kevin Cozens wrote:
>  > Dotan Cohen wrote:
> >
>  >> There is an amazing video describing an image resizing algorithm that
> >> removes (or adds) pixels based upon their importance to the subjecto
> >> of the photo. Can this be implemented in The Gimp?
> >>
>  > Of course it can be implemented in GIMP. It just takes someone with the
> time
> > and ability to write the code for a plug-in that implements the algorithm.
> >
>  I don't think the one you point to below is the same as Liquid Resizer
>  (see http://schumaml.gmxhome.de/downloads/gimp/ and d/l
> http://schumaml.gmxhome.de/downloads/gimp/gimp-lqr-plugin-0.1.3.zip
> for it).
> Looks like someone has implemented it already:
> http://registry.gimp.org/plugin?id=5479
> http://zinx.xmms.org/colorize/
> Trying to compile the supporting libraries.. it's a PITA, unfortunately.
On linux (ubuntu 7.10), at least, it's simple. Install
'libsuitesparse' and the matching 'dev' package, and apply the
following patch to the Makefile:

--- Makefile.old        2007-10-01 05:54:38.000000000 +0930
+++ Makefile    2007-10-06 15:48:22.000000000 +0930
@@ -6,7 +6,11 @@

 UMFPACK_CFLAGS=-I/usr/include/suitesparse -I/usr/include/umfpack
-UMFPACK_LDFLAGS=-lumfpack -lamd -lcholmod -lm
+# FIXED -- works on Ubuntu 7.10;
+# Only requirement is libsuitesparse package (make sure it's installed cleanly;
+#    'umfpack' package conflicts with it. I removed umfpack and
reinstalled libsuitesparse
+#    + libsuitesparse-dev.)
+UMFPACK_LDFLAGS=-lumfpack -lamd -lcholmod -lcolamd -lblas -llapack -lm


Using this, I currently have the colorizer plugin installed :)
My experiments have not turned out as well as those shown on the page, though.
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