Hi all!

I usually have to scale down some images, so I ask about the best
practice to do so.

The images (RGB photografies) are in the range of 1000x1000 -
3000x3000px and have to be scaled to a range about 200x200 - 400x400px.

I've read something about go scaling 50% in steps approaching the
desired final size and after that scale to the final size. Is this
needed in gimp 2.4rc* or the internals of scale does yet this?

I've read too about oversharp the image before scaling down:
There is a script that claims to do this, 
but I guess that the calls it does to  (gimp-selection-sharpen img) does
not meet the SHARPEN or SHARPEN MORE from photoshop, so what are the
gimp equivalents for SHARPEN or SHARPEN MORE?

I've had problems in the past (gimp 2.3.13) with lanczos alghorithm,
after that I've changed the default interpolation to cubic.  It is time
to give another chance to lanczos?

Any other hints for scaling down are apreciated.

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