Rolf Steinort wrote:
> ... and I use this chance to shamelessly plug my tutorial video about
> the liquid resize plugin for the Gimp:
> Why use some Flash if you can do it in the Gimp?  ;-)

Indeed :)

Very nice tutorial, Rolf!
However, I think you must've made some mistake when resizing to double 
the width. If you didn't notice, the plugin doesn't get rid of the cows 
you marked in the "loose" layer - that's because these markings are only 
*hints* for the algorithm. I'm not sure what it would do when you give 
it info to remove and ask to scale up at the same time..
Also, try enabling recalculation of energy after every step (it's a 
checkbox in advanced options). This should allow you to double the size 
of the image.

Oh, one last thing - where did you get that using white vs. black 
changes the intensity? I didn't see it on the plugin info page..


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