On 16/10/2007, Daniel Hornung <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 October 2007, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > I see that some modifier keys perform two different functions when
> > used in conjunction with the select tools. Shift with the ellipse
> > selector, for instance, forces circles if held while dragging. If it
> > is held while releasing the mouse button, then it is used for adding
> > to the selection (as opposed to replacing the selection). This dualty
> > of shift's behaviour is troublesome. For instance, if I want to add to
> > the current selection, but I do not want to force a perfect circle,
> > how can I do that?
> As you said, the moment when you press the modifier key is important.  For
> effecting the shape, have it pressed while dragging the shape, esp. in the
> moment you let go of the mouse button.  If you simply want to change the
> selection mode (such as add, subtract or intersect), make sure the modifier
> key is pressed while you _push the mouse button down_, you can let go of the
> key once the mouse button is down.
> I hope this helps, Daniel

Thanks, Daniel. I did not realize that the deciding moment for
[add||replace] was at the time that the mouse button is depressed. I
will take this into account from now on.

Dotan Cohen

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