'file-glob' used to return a list of strings in GIMP 2.2, now it  
returns a vector. You can make your code work by using the following  

(car (vector->list (cadr (file-glob "*.png" 1))))

However, Script-fu should probably be amended to return lists for PDB  
STRINGARRAY values (if possible).

Quoting Christian Anthon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> The following used to work in gimp 2.2:
> running under gimp -b -i -
> (car (cadr (file-glob "*.png" 1)))
> returned
> "222.png"
> but now  I get
>> (car (cadr (file-glob "*.png" 1)))
> Error: car: argument 1 must be: pair
> So obviously something changed, I just don't know enough about
> script-fu to know what.

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