Is there any way to get the print dialog in 2.4 to work like the old  
Gimp-Print one? The new one is hopeless: doesn't list my printers (which  
the old one didn't either but at least I could tell it about them), won't  
take a .ppd file to set printable area or indeed any other feature of the  
printers, refuses to remember ANY details of any sort so when printing a  
series of images of the same size, for example, I have to select "ignore  
printer margins" for each one (and I have no idea what those print margins  
are nor where they originate) and type the name of the printer manually  
every time, which gets tedious very quickly.

I assume that the print dialog in 2.4 is a placeholder for soemthing else  
but I don't know what. Should I be using Gutenprint now?

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