On 11/6/07, olive <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I was away for 5 days and have 20+ messages from gimp buzilla in my
> inbox. I am in the CC field of new bugs... why ?
> I noticed that more than half of the bugzilla messages I received result
> from 2 other people removing themselves from the CC list, so we are at
> least three receiving undesired messages from bugzilla when new bugs are
> opened.
> Is this a known issue ? Could you fix it if not already fixed ? TIA.

When you file a bug with bugzilla there is a box you can check if you want
to be informed if there are changes made related to that bug.  Those changes
included when someone is added or removed from the cc list.  If you have
reported a bug and that box was checked, this could be why you're receiving
these messages.

Adding and removing people from the cc list happens a lot.  Bugs get
reasssigned, marked as duplicates and people who checked the box when filing
a bug, hoping to hear that it has been fixed, also get all these other
messages, in addition to one every time someone removes their own address
from the cc list.

Try following the link in one message from each unique bug number and see if
that is the issue.

If it is a bug in bugzilla, this list is not the place to go to get it
fixed.  Not sure exactly where, but there must be a bugzilla
*for* bugzilla.

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