Hello list.

I should probably preface this by saying that I *am* running Gentoo
Linux on the box that's having this problem, so it's entirely possible
that my problems are related to that somehow.  My system's pretty
vanilla, though, and it doesn't look like Gentoo's doing any patching on
the 2.4.1 Gimp build.

Anyway, I'm using Gimp 2.4.1, and I've encountered a problem where Gimp
isn't saving the layer dimensions in its .XCF files, so that when the
file is opened, Gimp gives the error:

   XCF: This file is corrupt!  I have loaded as much of it as I can,
   but it is incomplete.
I haven't yet figured out exactly what causes this to happen - some
images I have don't exhibit this behavior, though most do.

I've gone so far as to open up a file that I had created with an
older version of Gimp and re-save it without any edits.  When I
compare the two files, there are only a few bytes that differ, and it
turns out that it's the dimensions which are showing up as "0"
instead of the proper dimensions.  You can see that at this URL:
 * goinonboat.xcf is a file I had created in an earlier version of Gimp
 * goinonboat2.xcf is the file I re-saved.
 * dimension.png contains all of the binary differences between the
   two.  The file is 640x480 (which in hex is 0x0280 by 0x01E0).

I had been experiencing this issue on Gimp 2.4.0 as well.  I had been
using the 2.3 versions as well, for awhile, and it may have been
occurring then without me noticing.

I've been looking around mailing list archives and forums, and I
haven't seen anybody else with this problem, so I assume that it's
something particular to my system.

Also, if I open up one of these corrupt files which only has one layer,
I get the following on the console:

   (gimp:9090): Gimp-Core-CRITICAL **: gimp_layer_new: assertion
   `width > 0' failed

Specifying --verbose when running gimp doesn't produce any extra relevant

If anyone's got any ideas, I'm all ears.


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