CJ Kucera wrote:
> Anyway, I'm using Gimp 2.4.1, and I've encountered a problem where Gimp
> isn't saving the layer dimensions in its .XCF files, so that when the
> file is opened, Gimp gives the error:

Oh, now THIS is interesting...  It looks like this is only happening
when I'm working on files that are being served over NFS.  I've got a
central fileserver at home where I mount /home from, which is where most
of my Gimp files are contained.  The couple that I had tried that had
worked were outside /home but I didn't think to see if that was the
causative case or not.

I'll be digging around more to see if I can figure out what's going on
more specifically, but it'd be nice to see if anyone else can reproduce
it by saving to an NFS share.


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