Hi all,

I created a headshot for a friend, but the website she's posted it on, which is 
essentially out of her control, does some automatic resizing. Actually, I'm not 
sure if the resizing occurs in the server, or on the client browser. Anyway, 
the original image has been offered at a variety of sizes, and every time it 
ends up looking granular and awful on the end user's browsers. The site admins 
don't know anything--they're just using a system that was written for them.

I would provide a single small image resized to the final size, but I don't 
think that will work because a) I think the resizing is dynamic, and b) the 
user can click on the image to get a bigger (the unresized) image. I want the 
larger one to still exist and we'll lose that if we just go with a small image.

Under these dreadfully sub-optimal conditions, what can I do, or what should I 
avoid doing, to try to ensure the resized image looks as good as it can?

I should point out that other people's pictures all look better than my 
friend's. Not always great, to be sure, but clearly there's room to improve if 
I knew what to do.


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