When reading about Corel Painter, I've frequently come across a so-called 
"Digital Watercolor" effect, which apparently simulates how wet paint 
behaves when you apply color to a canvas - the "virtual pigments" are 
gradually diffused across the surface of the paper and then absorbed into it 
over time.

This sounded pretty fascinating, and I was wondering if anyone has attempted 
to create the same effect with GIMP. Or would it require too radical a 
rewrite of the code? After all, currently GIMP assumes that it doesn't 
matter _when_ you make a certain stroke with the virtual pen; it doesn't 
matter if you do a certain stroke two seconds or two minutes after the 
previous one - the result will be the same. But to implement such an effect, 
some kind of time-sensitive mechanism would have to be included - or at 
least, that's my impression from reading about it...

- Jürgen Hubert

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