Sam Kuper wrote:
> (define (batch-CUPify pattern)
> )
> (script-fu-register "batch-CUPify"
>                     "Batch-CUPify"
>                     "Make an image look like it was scanned to PDF by CUP"
>                     "Sam Kuper"
>                     "Sam Kuper"
>                     "2007"
>                     "GRAY*"
>                     SF-IMAGE    "Image"         0
>                     SF-DRAWABLE "Layer to process" 0)

Good to know you finally got your script running in batch mode.

For future reference, if you are using a script in batch mode only, you don't 
need the script-fu-register block. The register block is only needed if you 
want to run your scripts by selecting it from a menu within GIMP.

Also, the argument list expected by your script, as defined above, does not 
match the argument list you have listed in the register block. Again, not 
important when running the script from batch mode but it could cause you 
problems in the future when writing scripts to be run from a menu selection 
within GIMP.


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