Leon Brooks GIMP writes:
> So I started wondering: is it feasible to do something like
> make the selection's borders gently more fuzzy or
> translucent when a selection is feathered?

I'm assuming you're talking about the "marching ants" when you say
selection borders, and it's an interesting suggestion, though it
might take a UI person to decide exactly how they should change
to indicate fuzziness.

But there's a solution for your friend in the meantime: the
Quickmask. Click on that inconspicuous little square down at the
bottom left of the image window, in the corner between the scrollbar
and the ruler. That switches to Quickmask mode, in which anything
that is *not* selected is red. You can see fuzzy borders really well
with the quickmask -- I often use it when I want to check whether
I've feathered a selection enough. Click in the same place (now it
looks like a red square) to get out of quickmask mode.

While you're in quickmask mode, you can also do useful things like
changing the selection by painting with the various paint tools.

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