On Monday 12 November 2007 01:52:38 pm norman wrote:
> > When you create a postscript document it always defaults to offsets of
> > 0.5 millimeters and measurements in metric. If I change these factors to
> > zero offsets and inches then Gimp retains these for the session but each
> > new session starts again with the original defaults.
> >
> > Once upon a time I patched some source code to fix the above defaults to
> > something more sensible for my use but this is a bore to do for each
> > successive version of Gimp.  Is there a way to get Gimp to save these
> > particular  defaults from session to session? The metric vs. inch choice
> > is of course a matter of nationality but the offsets simply have no
> > purpose that I can see.
> Is there not a button which says print and save?
> Norman

Yes but on the next run and the next document I must eliminate the offsets and 
change the default measure to inches, and the next session the same and on 
and on....

I want the PostScript offset setups to default to zero, or alternatively a way 
to store my prference for offsets, not just for the current document but for 
any document.  The default offsets of 0.5 cm are hard coded in Gimp. As I 
said before I have tracked down the code and changed that program module in 
the past. But each new release I would have to do the same thing. And Gimp 
compiles are very lengthy.  I just ask for someone to change the code in the 
repository one time. 

As for inches versus metric I can change that in the lower left hand corner of 
an image window and that setting continues for the session. But the 
PostScript output routine ignores that setting and always defaults to cm. 

John Culleton
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