D.Jones (aka) Capnhud wrote:
> I have noticed with the new version of the Gimp a file called .xbel is 
> constantly
> after I open an image. It is in C:\Documents and Setting\owner in windowx xp. 
>  How do I
> stop this behavior?

(Sven wrote:) I don't see why you would not want this file to be written. After 
all it
serves a rather useful purpose. But if you really dislike this feature,
unset save-document-history in your gimprc or simply disable it in the
Preferences dialog.

The reason for inquiring about this file is because when open it has the 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xbel version="1.0"
  <bookmark href="file:///C:/fakesuperman.png" added="2007-11-19T10:25:13Z"
modified="2007-11-19T10:25:13Z" visited="2007-11-19T10:25:13Z">
      <metadata owner="http://freedesktop.org";>

I am not sure of why this is necessary for a file that is keeping track of what 
I opened.
 So I guess I am just a little concerned or overly paranoid.

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