> Hi everybody!
> some days ago I decided to improve my basic knowledge about The GIMP. I
> installed the version and I've been studying the manual  at
> http://docs.gimp.org. I've got a difficult and I cannot handle it, could
> someone help me? I met the problem at chapter 5.2
> (http://docs.gimp.org/en/ch03s05s02.html): it's impossible for me to
> reproduce the first effect in figure 3.38. I tried and tried to deform the
> grid using the Smudge Tool, but I can't obtain the right result! I tried
> to adjust the rate, I tried to flag the Hard edge... nothing! I can't
> reproduce the nice effect like in the example. Actually, I can't
> understand what the example means for "low spacing" because I can't find
> an option called "spacing" among options of Smudge Tool in GIMP 2.4.1

I think you want to activate the 'Pressure Sensitivity' and tick rate.

You might also want to try a Calligraphic Brush as it give a 'better'
effect than a circle brush


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