Piecework opportunity for experienced gimp user for
creating textures out jpg images of windows and
doors for use in a video game.

Entire project will be conducted using Gimp.
Capabilities lacking in Gimp must be documented.
Higher pay for someone competent in Gimp scripting.
Higher pay for someone capable of extending
plugins for DDS, bump maps and normal maps.  This
would be GPL code.

* Image manipulation required, including squaring
and shearing, resizing, cropping, etc.

* Experience with multitexturing images using
diffuse, bump, normal, dark, specular and
other relevant maps.

* Initial work done at hourly rates to develop
the provisioning process. Documentation
of provisioning process will be required.

* Textures and images carry associated
metadata, which will be required as a
deliverable for each texture.

* Once process is in place, per texture
piecework rates apply.

* Possibly more opportunity for the right
person with web design or web coding

* DDS or NetImmerse/NIF format experience very
helpful, but not necessary for the right person.

* Prefer SF Bay area person, but will
consider the right person anywhere.

* Payment via Paypal in US dollars, you
pick up the fee, price yourself accordingly.

The first 8-12 hours of this project will be
collaborative back-and-forth in 3-4 hour blocks
to iteratively develop a working communication
scheme and the initial documentation. We should
be able to go to piecework after that.  I am
available on irc, yim and skype, and generally
have a pretty fast turnaround on email.

Writing ability is critically important, and
people with good writing skills preferred over
people with graphics and coding skills only.
By writing skills, I mean the ability to
communicate effectively using the written word,
in *any* language. Mastery of the English language
is much less important.  If your writing is good,
I can clean up the English myself.

The first suite of textures will be developing a
variety of different windows and doors using
jpeg images as the base stock. I will provide
the images for the base stock.

1. Tutorial documentation for overall process.
Documentation will developed on a writeboard
hosted at 37Signals.
2. Scripts and source code if necessary (these
will GPL licensed as well).
3. Textures composed of a suites of images with
accompanying metadata in specified XML-derived

Please respond directly (off list) with:

1. Small sample or link to relevant portfolio
2. Experience with game provisioning
3. Gimp coding experience if applicable.
4. Hourly and piecework rates.

Thanks, and looking forward to working with the
right person.  This is a fun project!
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