[EMAIL PROTECTED] said on Nov 22, 2007 5:51 -0500 (in part):
(script-fu-register "script-fu-save-all-images"
">IMAGE</File/Save ALL"
"Save all opened images"
"Saul Goode"
"Saul Goode"
Now I'm being picky :-) ... is there a way to make this appear in the File menu with the other Save options (between Save as Template and Revert)?

Currently it appears at the bottom after Quit (using WinXp Gimp 2.4.2 in case its different on other platforms)

From gimp.org:
GIMP - Basic Scheme
"The parameters of script-fu-register may be divided into two groups. The first group of seven parameters must always be given. These are:

   1. The name of the function.
   2. The name of the script to be used as a menu entry.
   3. A help string describing the function of the script.
   4. The script author.
   5. The script copyright.
   6. Script date.
7. List of valid image types for the script. This only has a meaning on scripts operating on images that already exist."

btw: I accidentally created this script a Unicode file. AFAICT it gets silently ignored, though Gimp does seem to hold a lock on the file.

Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail

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