I'd like to turn a black background into white, or transparency (in which case it should look cut if displayed on a white background). My practical use case is photos of objects with black backgrounds that I'd like to improve for Wikipedia. The problem is that the boundary between background and object is usually fuzzy.

I've created a pair of example images (attached): Say I start off with the image fuzzy-circle.png (a gray-patterned circle on a black background); what I would like to get is something like fuzzy-circle-goal.png (the gray-patterned circle on a white background) -- but that seems pretty hard to achieve: If I "select by color: black" and then cut the selection, the corners look either aliased/"too sharp" (for high thresholds in the select-by-color tool), or they have dark pixels in them (for low thresholds). Selecting the black background, growing the selection (2px), feathering it (2px), and then cutting the selection *kinda* works, but it cuts off the blurry part of the object boundary.

Any ideas on this one?

Best wishes,


<<inline: fuzzy-circle.png>>

<<inline: fuzzy-circle-goal.png>>

<<inline: fuzzy-circle-too-sharp.png>>

<<inline: fuzzy-circle-darks-pixels.png>>

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