The alt+shift+drag and ctrl-alt-drag doesn't work for me (gimp 2.4.2
on linux). I didn't find any way to change the "mouse shortcuts" but
maybe I have just not searched enough, if anybody could point me to a
right direction I'd be grateful.


On 11/26/07, David Gowers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Nov 26, 2007 7:48 PM, Shin Diggar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > In GIMP 2.2, If I use a selection tool (such as rectangle, elipse,
> freehand, etc) then once the selection is made and I release the mouse
> button, I can click and drag the contents of that selected area. However
> this behaviour has changed in 2.4 and trying to drag the selection now just
> moves the selection outline rather than the contents itself (previously done
> by holding Alt down while dragging). Is there any way to restore the old
> behaviour or do I now have to hold down keys to drag contents?
> Ctrl-Alt-Drag to cut the selection and drag it.
> Alt-Shift-Drag to copy the selection and drag it.
> The rectangle select and ellipse select tools are not cooperative with
> these, though.
> >
> > Also, if I select an area and then choose the fill tool, 2.4 only fills
> that area if I click directly on it while previous versions would let me
> click anywhere on the entire layer to make the fill. Can this behavior anso
> be restored (it still works as expected when drawing gradients in
> selections)?
> Shift+Click instead, or set the 'fill entire selection' radiobutton in
> the tool options.
> > It makes matters worse when you select an area with low alpha values and
> the marchin ants outline either doesn't appear or only covers tiny areas.
> And on the subject of filling, am I right in percieving filling to be
> notably slower than it was in 2.2?
> >
> > Another annoyance is that I no longer seem able to hold the Ctrl key down
> while clicking on a palet colour to set the background colour. Can this also
> be restored?
> You are trying to use the new Palette color selector instead of the
> Palette editor. The palette editor retains that functionality; the
> Palette color selector never had it (I agree that it should.)
> >
> > Additionally, I've encountered an annoyance that has appeared in 2.4. When
> saving an image as a JPG, the first dialogue to pop up is the large one
> asking for the file name and path. Then, the next one to appear is the one
> with the JPEG settings, which of course has an option to preview the image
> before saving. However, the large save dialogue is now always above the
> window containing the image so you can't actually see the image unless you
> drag the save dialogue off of the screen. The JPEG settings window still
> goes behind the image window, it's only the 'save' dialogue that won't go
> below it. Can this be fixed?
> >
> > Oh, I also notice that when I use the quick eye dropper in the colour
> dock, the colour it sets is wrong. It's lighter than the actual colour I
> clicked on. The main eye dropper tool sets the colour correctly so is this a
> bug?
> They both set the color correctly. The difference is the difference
> between the displayed color (after color adjustment), and the image
> color before adjustment.
> Since the colordock eyedropper picks colors from the screen, it
> returns the color that is actually displayed, while the eyedropper
> tool/ ctrl+click with a paint tool returns the color that is stored in
> the image.
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