On Sun, 2007-12-02 at 09:06 -0500, John Mills wrote:

> If I open a large JPEG image file (like a commercially scanned
> transparency) in GIMP-2.2, I get a warning message:
>  "Image resolution is out of bounds, using the default resolution 
>   instead."
> The opened file is indeed at a low resolution (72 ppi), and has lost a
> great deal of information. Photoshop [Elements] silently opens the image
> at 300 ppi and seems to have retained much better detail (textures in 
> this case).

This is most likely nothing but a misinterpretation. GIMP will open
exactly the same image with the same amount of details. You probably
need to zoom in to see this. Or upgrade to GIMP 2.4 which displays
zoomed-out images in much higher quality.

The warning you get is because your image has a resolution (number of
pixels per physical length) specified which is either very low or very
high. Most likely it is simply 0. There seem to be some application out
there that fail to set a proper resolution.


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