> What I'd like to do : select all, shrink the selection, rectangle
> round the selection, feather the selection, invert the selection,
> delete the selection, then save the file.
> Here is my unfinished script (I'm adding one step at a time), I tried
> several ways to delete the selection to no avail, it always give me a
> "experienced a execution error" :
>               ; everything seems to run until I add the following :
>               (let*
>                       (
>                               (selection (car (gimp-image-get-selection 
> image)))
>                       )
>                       (gimp-drawable-delete   selection)
>               )

You need to use 'gimp-edit-clear' to remove your feathered border region
on your layer. You will need to use the 'gimp-image-get-active-layer'
function to retrieve the drawable identifier of your layer.

When you retrieved the selection (using 'gimp-image-get-selection'), you
actually obtained the drawable ID for the selection "mask" (this is an
internal drawable which represents the selection of pixels as grayscale
values). Since the drawable is internal to GIMP, you can not delete it --
nor would you want to, you want to clear the pixels of your drawable which
are 'selected'.

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