On Thu, 2007-12-20 at 18:26 +0000, Thomas Worthington wrote:

> I'm not aware of any interaction with the layer mask which requires Alt  
> and mouse movement (only click, which isn't a problem). Moving a selected  
> region is a very common action and now seems impossible under normal Linux  
> user interfaces. I can see the application of "capricious" to that  
> situation. What was the benefit of changing the default drag action?

Moving a selected region does not involve the Alt key in GIMP 2.4. What
changed compared to 2.2 is that you need to float the selected pixels
before you can move them. The benefit from this is that the new
rectangle and ellipse select tools (as well as the crop tool) now allow
you to edit the selection. Most users see this as a major improvement.
Details about this change can be found at

We are open to improving these tools further and there is at least one
change planned for 2.6 that is supposed to make it easier to select and
move pixels. But it is not all impossible in 2.4, even if your Alt key
is blocked. We are not stupid and know very well that some window
managers decided to take away the Alt key. So we take care not to make
any functionality depend on this modifier key.


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