On Thursday 20 December 2007 10:26:12 am Thomas Worthington 
> Moving a selected region is a very common action and
> now seems impossible under normal Linux user interfaces. I can
> see the application of "capricious" to that situation. What
> was the benefit of changing the default drag action?

Actually, moving a selection in Gimp 2.4 is easier than it was in 
2.2. Simply left click within the selected region and drag... no 
modifier keys needed and no need to grab the edge of the 
selection when doing so. I just did this in 2.4.1 in KDE 3.5.8 
on Kubuntu 7.10. The new selection tool features are much easier 
to use if you haven't already been trained to use the old 
methods from previous releases.

> Suggesting that a system-wide setting should be changed to
> accomodate one application's arbitary decision that all users
> must use Alt instead of any number of other spare keys that
> keyboards have (AltGr, Windows, Menus, Meta, whatever) when it
> is well known that Alt-drag is used by desktops is perverse
> and lazy.
> The problem seems to be with GTK rather than Gimp, to be fair.
> But it would have been nice if Gimp allowed it to be worked
> around. If it was the only problem with 2.4 I would do
> something about it myself by way of a patch, but it isn't and
> I've just personally had enough with 2.4. It offers very
> little new for a lot of hassle with functions that used to
> work fine.

Seems to me that with the new way of moving a selection in 2.4 
that modifying a system-wide setting (Alt+Left-Click to move a 
window in KDE) is no longer necessary. That is a good thing. But 
if you want to go back to 2.2 and deal with its more familiar, 
but also less compatible, way of working, I understand... I 
guess... I think... maybe not.
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