On Thursday 20 December 2007, Scott wrote:

> Actually, moving a selection in Gimp 2.4 is easier than it was in
> 2.2. Simply left click within the selected region and drag... no
> modifier keys needed and no need to grab the edge of the
> selection when doing so. I just did this in 2.4.1 in KDE 3.5.8
> on Kubuntu 7.10. The new selection tool features are much easier
> to use if you haven't already been trained to use the old
> methods from previous releases.

Are we talking about the same thing?  This thread's issue is (or so it seems 
to me) about moving the _content_ of a selection, as described in 

Yes, to simply move the border, you can also use the move tool in selection 
mode, without needing any modifer key.

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