JC Dill wrote:

> I can hardly be expected to know about something that hasn't been 
> incorporated, or has just recently been incorporated but not widely 
> announced.  As I said - I'm a "potential Gimp user".  I tried it several 
> years ago, and I am subscribed to this list to stay abreast with the 
> changes that are discussed on this list.  I don't currently have it 
> installed.  Like millions of other potential Gimp users, I don't have 
> time to install and test it every time you release a new version to see 
> if it's "ready for prime time" yet.  Rather than try to convince me it's 
> great (while you also admit you are "just beginning" to incorporate 
> needed changes as a result of a usability evaluation), it would be nice 
> if you would just admit that it still needs a lot of work, and that you 
> will let the user (and potential user) community know when you have 
> actually done the work to make it easier to use for non-programmers.

Troll back to Photoshop please.

I for one, appreciate the work the GIMP developers have done and 
continue to do on this wonderful application.  JC, you just doesn't get 
it.  I guess you missed the reference to the fact that ALL the work put 
into GIMP is done by the developers on their time.

Until later, Geoffrey

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