Is there a plugin (or high speed script-fu) that would allow me to enter 
a math expression and from it create the pixel data also given a 
'viewport range'.

XMin: -1
XMax 1
YMin -1
Ymax: 1
UseGraient: no
Expr: red=sin(2*pi*x*y)/2+0.5;green=...,...

UseGradient: yes
Expr: offset=sin(2*pi*x*y)

Or something like that.  I imagine a script-fu could be done that could 
take the viewport, gradient, and expression and somehow execute the 
expression and plot the pixels, but it seems like script-fu would be 
somewhat slow.  I've created my own expression evaluation library which 
would easily provide all the math support I need, but don't know much 
about making GIMP plugins and since I'm only on Windows now I've had 
problems trying to compile glib/gtk under msys/mingw, plus it is C++ 
except an older version which is C.

Brian Vanderburg II

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